A Spectral Mist Rises

A spectral mist rises
conspiring quietly
against the current

Silent plea with morning’s air,
a hushed bid for escape
Slowly a vapor ascends, smiling
upon a sun-bound sky

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A Muslim’s Memo to Obama

M. JUNAID ALAM – January 28, 2009 – Age, 25

A fair number of liberals swooning over President Barack Obama’s recent speechmaking are also impressed by his rhetorical gestures and overtures to Arabs and Muslims, first articulated during his inaugural address and reiterated on a major Arabic-language news channel.  The sharp divergence in tone and tenor from Bush’s rhetoric is certainly welcome after eight years of hubris and arrogance. Continue reading “A Muslim’s Memo to Obama”

Why I Am No Longer A Radical?

Lefthook – August 1, 2005 – Age, 22

An air of anger and surprise rises up on the radical Left just about every time it discovers that some “prestigious” right-wing hack was formerly one of its own – a fiery social activist or critic protesting every injustice under the sun. For my part, I never understood this melodramatic response. It seems to me, at the ripe old age of 22, that it’s awful hard to resist the intense social, political, and family pressures piston-pumped into rebel minds. So what’s really remarkable is not when someone “sells out” – that’s par for the course – but rather when someone who starts out a radical stays a radical. Continue reading “Why I Am No Longer A Radical?”